The newest member of Remix Royalty
There are countless remixes out there that sound pretty much identical to the original track, except for one or two slight variations. And then there are Justin Jay remixes. With his remix of Billy Kenny's deep house thumper "Work Me," the Los Angeles-based DJ has earned his right to reign over us mere mortals as a member of Remix Royalty. The original track is relatively simple: a collage of typical house percussion, spoken word vocals, and deep, wobbling, Polish Ambassador-style synths. Justin Jay kept the sassy vocals and house beats, but turned "Work Me" into a whirlwind of funk and disco by adding a smörgåsbord of instrumental elements. Everything from cowbells to electric guitar riffs to funky bass pluck patterns to Latin drums to harp strums to high-pitched synths are expertly amalgamated to give the song a new, confident, in-your-face, and mercilessly funky energy.
If there ever was a song that exuded sanguine enthusiasm for life and love of oneself, it's this little ditty right here. Although it comes in at just under six minutes, this remix is enrapturing enough and has enough ups and downs to hold your presumably short attention span. Having just finished a highly successful multi country tour in April, we can assume Justin Jay will continue bringing his talents to the masses and satiating our appetite for creative, funky anthems like this one.