"Ocean Floor Kisses" by GALIMATIAS

An experiential composition
Okay, here's a new genre for you: cinematic future garage. "Ocean Floor Kisses" by Danish producer Galimatias (a play on his real first name, Matias, and that fact that the Danish word "galimatias" means "gibberish" in English) is almost guaranteed to be like nothing you've ever heard, unless you hang out in nightclubs in Atlantis. This track's calm, muted nature and distant, undulating, bubbling synths make you feel like you're underwater, making the title make a lot more sense. Galimatias' array of instrumental elements in "Ocean Floor Kisses" is simply staggering: including, but not limited to the aforementioned waves of synth, bass guitar slaps, traditional keyboard, muted vocal samples, glockenspiel, electric guitar, and popping electronic percussion. 
The tranquil, non-cyclical style of this song allows the listener to experience the song without being totally immersed in patterns and lyrics, accounting for its cinematic nature (i.e. this song would be perfect background music in a montage scene in a film). "Ocean Floor Kisses" has a somewhat sensual tone to it, representing a quiet, but intensely internal passion. This track is a compositional achievement; Galimatias' ability to layer and intertwine a cornucopia of instruments is unsurpassed in the electronic music scene and makes him the modern day equivalent of a classical composer. There is a genius in our midst, ladies and gentlemen. Take note and let the music surround you.