"So Tired" by CRUMB

A fresh start
Most of the time, when I write these blog posts, I continually listen to the song I’m writing about on repeat while I write. When attempting to write about “So Tired” by the upstart four-piece Crumb, however, I was unable to put words on the paper while listening to the song because I was simply too distracted by it. The members of Crumb, while just having released their first EP less than three months ago, had known each other previously in college and played in ensembles together, which shows in how fully developed their intriguingly, uniquely complex sound already is. “So Tired” is a winding road of psychedelic jazz-infused dream pop, taking you through varied terrains and environments, from hazy, foggy mornings in the city, to breezy, bright afternoons in a field of wildflowers. 
While musical style, tempo, and mood are extremely fluid throughout, vocalist and guitarist Lila Ramani’s sleek, velvety voice is a beautiful constant, singing about feelings of alienation in poignantly somber quips like “I feel like the world is filled with people who can’t hear themselves speak.” Echoing guitar strums and bring in the psychedelic element, blending unexpectedly seamlessly with the mixture of jazz, funk, and rock bass, keyboard, and percussion patterns; a harmony that provides stark contrast to the lyrical content. With “So Tired,” Crumb takes dream pop in a new direction, bringing a deliciously nostalgic, old school feel to the genre that often leads more towards futuristic. If you’re looking for something new, and something truly new, look no further. Not afraid to color outside the lines, Crumb will refresh your musical palette.